Watch Dogs Ücretsiz Oldu!

Ubisoft yapımı Watch Dogs, 19 Mart itibariyle 26 Mart’a kadar ücretsiz hesabınıza eklenebiliyor. Detaylar: Oyunlarla ilgili konularımız için: Oyun haberleri ve videoları için: Yayın Kanalları ve Sosyal Medya Hesapları: Site: Forum/Sosyal Ağ: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: httpv:// Technopat Global YouTube: Technopat Social… Read More »


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いつか / Saucy Dog full covered by 春茶

今回はSaucy Dogさんのいつかをカバーさせていただきました。ピアノとEDMのおしゃれなアレンジです。 歌詞に書いてある情景を思い浮かべながら、歌いました。本当に綺麗な曲で、ずっと歌いたかったものをやっと投稿できたのでとても嬉しいです。 今日はzeppツアー名古屋の予定でした。 またいつかツアーがはじまるまで 体調に気をつけて元気にしててね いつか / Saucy Dog ・Arrangement / Mixing 吉村隆行 Twitter: ・Illustration & 雪降らせた人 ラキ Twitter: Instagram: ・vocal & movie 春茶 Twitter: youtube: ▽ ▽ ▽ LINEスタンプ発売中です! [これは意外と使えるかもしれない!すたんぷ] #いつか#saucydog

Reading FUNNY FFXIV User Reviews

Emotionally devastating 10/10 🤗 🐦 twitter @xepla 📺 🗣 Official Discord server: ☕ HUGE Thanks to my Patreon Sponsors, who make this channel possible (thank you!!!) – Matthew G., Luc van H., Ayzel D., Sebastien B., Mitsuki, Chris C., Kumi Neko , Wren, Plapro, Jay C., Fredrik T., Vyncent S., Magpie,… Read More »

RAINBOW SIX SIEGE FAILS: #82 (Rainbow Six Siege Random Moments)

The best Rainbow Six Siege Fails, Funny/Random Moments & WTF Moments! ► Check out Instant Gaming: ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE R6S! ✦ Submit YOUR Fails/Funny Moments! Welcome back to episode 82 of Rainbow Six Siege Fails! In this series we take your funniest submissions and transform them with high-quality editing into the… Read More »

Fun with Ragdolls • Satisfying Fails part 11

Fun with Ragdolls Crazy/Funny action vol.11 Epic, creative moments in Fun with Ragdolls. Thanks for watching ! 🍕🍕🍕 Don’t forget to subscribe – httpv://

GTA 5 | Franklin vs SHARK – Crazy Water Fails ep.1

GTA 5 Franklin VS Shark – Water Fails pt.1 Funny, Crazy Action & Funny moments. Grand Theft Auto V Shark & Franklin Amazing Moments. Thanks for watching ! 🍕🍕🍕 Don’t forget to subscribe – httpv:// Got any questions? Contact my youtube PM.

Peppa Pig Français | Le Magasin de Porcelaine | Compilation Spéciale | Dessin Animé Pour Bébé

Peppa Pig Français | Le Magasin de Porcelaine | Compilation Spéciale | Dessin Animé Pour Bébé Abonnez-vous à la chaîne YouTube de Peppa Pig! ► #PeppaPig #PeppaPigenFrancais #PeppaPigFrancais Bienvenue sur la chaîne officielle Peppa Pig. Nous avons créé tout un univers autour de Peppa avec des épisodes et des compilations pour ravir tous les… Read More »